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By making a monthly contribution, you are supporting the only theater of its kind in Wyoming. 

Becoming a Sustaining Member is the easiest way to ensure that we are able to bring theater and theatrical education into our community all year long.  Your monthly gift can be done by credit or debit card just become a member today!
Our productions don't just happen by themselves, it takes the whole community and people like yourself to keep the Actors' Mission thriving and growing. 

  • Stage Hand

    Every month
    All of the unseen work that makes the show happen!
  • Understudy

    Every month
    Get ready to step in and shine!
  • Cast Member

    Every month
    In the wings, just waiting for your cue!
  • Conductor

    Every month
    Start the overture!
  • Designer

    Every month
    Bring your vision to life!
  • Stage Manager

    Every month
    Be the one who makes it all happen!
  • Any Amount

    Choose your own one time donation!
    Free Plan
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